Internal Medicine Specialist

Verretta Deorosan, MD

Internist located in El Segundo, Los Angeles, CA

Whether you’re feeling fine and want to stay that way or experiencing some worrisome symptoms, it’s beneficial to have an expert guiding your medical team. Dr. Verretta Deorosan is a board-certified internist and primary care physician in the El Segundo neighborhood of Los Angeles, California who can manage all aspects of your healthcare. From providing routine wellness exams to diagnosing and designing effective treatment plans for diabetes and other concerning medical issues, you can trust Dr. Deorosan’s expertise. Make your appointment today via online booking.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine physicians are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in adults. Some internists decide to become subspecialists and focus on a specific area or region of the body, such as cardiology. Many internists, including Dr. Deorosan, choose to practice general internal medicine.

As a generalist, Dr. Deorosan has undergone extensive training in the management of the broad range of illnesses that affect adults. Widely recognized as experts in diagnosing and treating chronic illness, such as asthma and arthritis,  as well as, promoting preventive care, general internists are not limited to one type of medical problem or organ system. They’re also expertly trained to care for patients experiencing several different illnesses at once.

What are the advantages of seeing an internist as a primary care physician?

Along with the medical expertise she offers, Dr. Deorosan also focuses on developing a long-term doctor-patient relationship. That commitment helps her become familiar with you as a person and as a patient. You can trust that all facets of your medical care are being supervised by a skilled physician who is familiar with your health history, life circumstance, and personality.

And should you require hospitalization or treatment by a subspecialist, Dr. Deorosan coordinates that aspect of your health care as well. She continues to act as your primary physician throughout the process, conferring and consulting with other doctors involved in treating your condition. She receives all records of your labs, medication changes, and treatment plans.

What about preventive care?

Dr. Deorosan, of course, prefers to prevent rather than treat an illness whenever possible. A major part of prevention includes screening for potential issues during routine examinations. Many medical conditions, including diabetes and hypertension, cause few noticeable symptoms initially.

A blood pressure check in the office, or a simple blood sugar test can identify a potential issue long before it becomes a problem. For many patients, a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and losing excess pounds are effective ways to prevent a rise in blood pressure or blood sugar from becoming a serious illness. Even if all your numbers are normal and you are generally healthy, Dr. Deorosan can develop a long-term strategy that helps you stay as well as possible for each stage of your life.