Geriatric Care Specialist

Verretta Deorosan, MD

Internist located in El Segundo, Los Angeles, CA

Geriatric (senior) healthcare requires an extra level of expertise and focus.There is no “cure” for aging, but Dr. Verretta Deorosan can help you remain active and vibrant throughout your senior years. She is a board-certified internal medicine specialist in the El Segundo neighborhood of Los Angeles, California and has extensive experience in providing medical care for the geriatric population. Give her a call today to schedule your appointment or contact the office via her convenient online scheduling.

Geriatric Care Q & A

What is more difficult about geriatric care compared to other adult healthcare?

Thanks to advances in medical technology and a better understanding of preventive health, many people live interesting, active, and fulfilling lives long after reaching retirement age. But science can do little to completely halt the effects of aging. Older adults often have a weakened immune system that puts them at higher risks for developing serious infections. They may also have three or more health issues at once, such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

Prescribing medications for a patient with multiple conditions is complex. A drug that’s useful for easing the symptoms of one issue may cause worsening symptoms in another. Exercise that’s beneficial to diabetic care management or heart health may not be possible once you develop arthritic changes in your joints.

These factors all increase the need for a comprehensive patient-centered approach to senior healthcare. This includes careful attention to the emotional response a patient may experience with declining mobility and other age-related restrictions.

How can Dr. Deorosan help?

Senior care and the specialized training a general internist receives are highly compatible. Dr. Deorosan is not limited to treating one type of medical problem or organ system. She’s also specifically trained to diagnose medical conditions and care for patients experiencing several different illnesses at once. Along with that initial training, she has more than 25 years’ experience in working with the senior population as a primary care physician.

What is comprehensive senior healthcare?

As Dr. Deorosan balances your medications and designs other treatment regimens related to your physical health, she and her staff also help devise strategies to keep you actively participating in life. For instance, switching from jogging to walking or water activities can maintain the benefits of exercise while preserving your joint health.

An occupational therapist can visit your home and make recommendations regarding safety issues and assistive devices that keep you mobile in your home, such as handrails in the bathroom.

Numerous social agencies in the Los Angeles area focus their attention on the senior population, offering rides, weekly events, travel adventures, and many other interesting activities. Dr. Deorosan’s staff can help connect you with those facilities.