Annual Physical Exams Specialist

Verretta Deorosan, MD

Internist located in El Segundo, Los Angeles, CA

One of the best ways to stay healthy and prevent small medical issues from becoming overwhelming problems is to see your doctor for an annual physical exam. Dr. Verretta Deorosan is a board-certified internal medicine specialist in the El Segundo neighborhood of Los Angeles, California who provides comprehensive physical exams and develops preventive care strategies to keep you as healthy as possible. Call the office today for an appointment or schedule via their online booking.

Annual Physical Exams Q & A

What is the purpose of an annual physical exam?

Dr. Deorosan uses the annual physical to check your overall health, discover details about your family history that may be pertinent to your health, and determine what medications or supplements you use regularly.

In general, a physical exam gives Dr. Deorosan an opportunity to:

  • Check for possible diseases and determine a treatment strategy when necessary
  • Identify concerning issues, such as excessive weight gain that may lead to future medical concerns
  • Update immunizations
  • Discuss the benefits of healthy nutrition and regular exercise
  • Build a relationship with you

An annual physical exam also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about symptoms you’re having or discuss other health concerns you may have.

What’s involved in an annual physical?

The exam generally starts with a check of your weight, height, and vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and pulse rate.

The doctor also asks specific questions about how you’re feeling overall. She reviews your medical history carefully regarding previous surgeries, significant injuries, or current medical conditions. Expect detailed questions about the medications and supplements you’re taking and a careful perusal of your family history as well.

The exam itself is essentially a head-to-toe physical check that includes observation of your mobility, general appearance, and skin. Your head and neck, including your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are assessed, followed by an exam of your chest, abdomen, and extremities. Along with palpation over various areas to check for underlying lumps or bumps, Dr. Deorosan also listens to your lung, heart, and abdomen with her stethoscope. Your neurological status and health of your joints are also assessed with a series of simple checks, such as range of motion testing or reflex testing.     

A male annual exam may also include:

  • Testicular exam
  • Examination of the penis
  • Prostate exam

A female annual exam may include:

  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam
  • Pap smear

What about lab work?

Depending on your age and overall health, Dr. Deorosan may order blood work to check for anemia, elevated blood sugar, or abnormal cholesterol levels. Because physical exams are all about preventative healthcare measures, she may also suggest screening tests such as a colonoscopy or mammography when you reach a certain age, or she notes concerning signs during your exam.